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Increase visitor time and spend at your location with your own digital map.

Six Benefits of Digital Wayfinding

71% increase in visitor connections with your brand.
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Improve visibility of all places, spaces, and events.

Add additional details for locations and routes. With our customised content management system you can create attributes for locations and routes.

Improve visitor experience as they have confidence that they will never be lost and know where they are going

Move beyond roads with added features like driving, parking and walking algorithms.

Monetize wayfinding and increase profitability.

Connect visitors to brands in real time and Attract, inform and encourage spend.

Visitor satisfaction or collect contextual location data for the most demanding CXMs.

Analyse real time data for all your visitor enquiries, journeys a salesfaction surueys.

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Caroline Falkiner

Keeping your Place and Event location and activation data is a big issue for our clients.
In response, we built the naveze playground and will demo how easy it is for you to update/maintain your map data ensuring a fabulous visitor experience every time. Our CEO Caroline Falkiner will be hosting this event.

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Six Benefits of Digital Wayfinding

71% increase in visitor connections with your brand.

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