About Us

Hello, we are naveze.

Let us elevate your visitors’ journey direct to your destination. Through clever mapping technology designed to help your visitors make the most of their day, naveze makes exploring new destinations and experiences simple.

Some of our friends in mapping can only take you so far, this is where we come in. We are about enhancing experiences, living in the moment, and providing an efficient way of travel and exploration.

For both indoor and outdoor experiences we’ve redesigned Digital Wayfinding to create a brand new way to tell destination stories.. Helping lead your visitors directly to the right place is our passion.

In return, you’ll be able to access real-time visitor data to analyse and identify trends. You’ll be able to improve your visitor experience with access to unique information to help achieve real business outcomes. We know that by increasing the visibility of your experience or destination to your market that they will be more likely to return.

So, all that is left for you to do is let us take your journey one step further than the traditional ‘maps’. Let us help your visitors connect and experience your destination exactly the way it should be.

The Team

Caroline Falkiner


Sachin Kumar

Senior Developer

Todd Wright is the founder and director of Threesides Marketing in Canberra

Todd Wright


Marni McGrath


Darcy Schwager


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