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Finding Local Secrets with Digital Tours and Wayfinding.

Finding the hidden treasures at your destination is what makes visitors experience that much better. Wayfinding can be extended to the creation of digital tours

There’s one memory that has stuck with me when travelling through South Australia with my father. It was when we were driving aimlessly on some back roads, truly on an adventure to see what we could find, and in the most obscure location was a water hole that we could swim in. And this is what made my experience a treasured memory.

At Great Southern Treasures there are many pockets of great experiences ready to be found. One example is the seasonal Blue Whale migration across the Great Australian Bight. Unknown to many, this location is optimal to experience seeing Blue Whales in the wild. Through Digital Wayfinding you can share your secrets, such as this with your visitors giving an edge to their experience, making it that much more memorable. Being able to share your seasonal experiences with your visitors allows them to comfortably explore your destination.

Through Digital Wayfinding, you can provide full visibility to your destination before visitors arrive. The modern map ensures a safe and confident visit to your destination experiences. At Great Southern Treasures, visitors can plan ahead, learn when the best time is to take a bush walk or can find with confidence local artifacts that have Indigenous importance, or other historical locations like Eucla Wharf. With digital wayfinding visitors can get visibility to different walks and the attributes associated with the walk such as whether there are stairs or if it’s a hard surface path with disability access. It brings endless opportunity to explore all the beauty at your destination with confidence and ease. Being able to share all the local information and directions in the one interactive digital tours map guarantees a good and memorable experience without any of the difficulties of not knowing where to go or what to do. Be able to combine detail and step-by-step directions for driving and walking at your destination.

Below, the Old Eucla Wharf back in its hay-day during the 1890’s compared to what it is like today. #hiddentreasures

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