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Increasing Visitor Participation & Visitation

Phygital is the term used to describe using the best of the digital & physical world to create personalised customer experiences. By using digital mapping & wayfinding you can collect both web and customer experience data to analyse and inform how to improve visitor numbers.

To succeed in the next wave of tourism marketers will need to merge the best of physical, digital & mobile channels to create a fluid omnichannel strategy.
The pandemic has changed consumers’ relationship with tourism. Visitors avoided traditional experiences and leaned into a wider array of digital options as an alternative. Tourists are using mostly online sources to research their purchases. So how do you connect and communicate with those purchasers in the new world of digital marketing, especially with the impending disappearance of cookies?

Tourists now expect an enhanced experience that links their digital and physical interactions with your brand and experiences into a seamless easy journey. Learn how and why you can lean into a holistic physical/digital experience marketing approach with Digital Mapping / Wayfinding taking advantage of the Google Map Gap to create your own CX data. Let’s get Phygital!

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