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naveze How it Started?


Hi, I’m Caroline, and I’m the founder and CEO of naveze. You know how Google maps only takes you part of the way? We create navigation experiences, so you can find where you want to go, allowing you to arrive safely on time and stress free.
Where the hell did I come up with this idea? Well, one day I was late and lost at Saturday sport yet again with a sulky teenager. 

So I figured 30 years in IT sales and marketing, I must be able to find a solution. Lots of research, networking, chatting, and exploration later, I found my CTO partner and together we built the prototype and the minimum viable product for naveze.

We’re both incredibly passionate about this project. Anywhere that has large pedestrian areas with the amenities are absolutely perfect for naveze. Places like big parks, zoos, universities, schools, and places like Sydney Olympic Park, Olympic games precincts are perfect. We’d love to be part of the tech hub. 

We’re both very driven. We’re both very experienced and we love being part of the community. Thank you.

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