Work Health and Safety Policy


This policy applies to anyone performing work for Business of Pursuits Pty Ltd t/as naveze ABN 97 613 678 578 (naveze) (You/employees/workers). 

Contravening this policy

A failure to comply with health and safety requirements or this policy may result in disciplinary action being taken, up to and including termination of employment or engagement as relevant. 

Work health and safety

naveze is committed to complying with its obligations under work health and safety legislation to provide a healthy and safe workplace for its employees, contractors and visitors to its workplace, protecting its employees from injury and illness and promoting their welfare. 

naveze will take reasonable steps to identify, control, protect against and eliminate risks to the health, welfare and safety of its employees, contractors, and visitors in naveze’s workplace. naveze will provide information and training its employees from time to time as part of its commitment to providing a healthy and safe workplace. 

Staff are responsible for the health, welfare and safety of themselves and staff and visitors to naveze’s workplace. Supervisors and managers are accountable for the health and safety of employees who report to them. 

Obligations of naveze

naveze has obligations to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees, contractors and visitors to its workplace by providing a healthy and safe workplace for its employees, contractors and visitors. 

naveze is required to eliminate or minimise, so far as is reasonably practicable, risks to health and safety in workplace.  

naveze intends to protect its staff from and against injury and illness and promote their welfare by: 

  • appointing a Workplace Health and Safety Officer who will be responsible for ensuring that naveze complies with its obligations under workplace health and safety legislation;
  • providing and maintaining its workplaces in a healthy and safe condition;
  • ensuring the safe use, handling, storage and transport of plant, equipment and substances;
  • providing and maintaining systems of work and a working environment that is healthy and safe;
  • providing the information, training, instruction and supervision necessary to maintain ahealthy and safe workplace; 
  • providing adequate facilities for the welfare of workers; 
  • monitoring the workplace and the health and safety of workers to assist in preventing illness or injury;
  • acquiring and keeping up-to-date knowledge of WHS matters;
  • ensuring that all workers have available for use or uses, appropriate resources and processes to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety from work; and
  • ensuring that there are appropriate processes in place for receiving and considering information regarding incidents, hazards and risks.

Obligations of managers

naveze’s management at all levels, including all managers and supervisors, have the duty to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of workers at work. In particular, they are responsible and accountable for:  

  • maintaining a working environment that is safe and without risk to health;
    • implementing safe systems of work by ensuring safe products and the systems are utilised;
  • maintaining the workplace, plant, machinery and substances;
    • implementing the information, training, instruction and supervision for workers;
  • identifying any unsafe or unhealthy conditions or behaviour;
  • controlling hazards in the workplace;
  • ensuring all relevant health and safety laws are complied with;
  • utilising the resources provided for health and safety;
    • ensuring workplace rules, procedures and systems are reviewed and maintained;
  • promoting health and safety in the workplace;
  • maintaining consultative mechanisms; and
    • taking all other practical measures to ensure the workplace under their control is safe and without risk to health and safety, and that all persons in the workplace take reasonable care to ensure the workplace is safe and without risk to health and safety.

Obligations of workers

As a worker, you are required to: 

  • familiarise yourself with the safety procedures set out in this WHS policy and any others that may be advised by naveze from time to time;
  • take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and others who may be affected by your acts or omissions in the workplace;
  • co-operate with management of naveze to ensure all health and safety obligations are complied with, and not refuse any reasonable requests to give or receive aid in respect of any illness or injury or the doing of any act or thing to avoid or prevent a serious risk to health and safety of a person at work;
  • use all work equipment and furniture in an appropriate manner and in accordance with any instruction/operating manuals;
  • organise their working environment in a manner which does not pose a risk to their own or their colleagues or any other persons’ health and safety;
  • ensure that shelving or other space saving devices are not overloaded or unstable;
  • actively identify and report any hazards or risks to health and safety (such as worn out or exposed electrical cords, defective office equipment) in their work environment as soon as practicable;
  • immediately report any incident, injuries, work-related illness or “near miss” at the workplace and co-operate by providing naveze with any information in relation to such incident, injuries, illness or near miss;
  • ensure all health and safety equipment is used correctly and refrain from wilfully or recklessly interfering with equipment or safety measures so as to naveze a workplace hazard (including not participating in potentially harmful pranks);
  • use and maintaining any required Personal Protective Equipment;
  • rectify minor health and safety issues where authorised and safe to do so;
  • co-operate with any health and safety initiative, inspection or investigation; and 
  • actively participate in any return-to-work program (where applicable).


Consultation between naveze and workers is an essential part of effectively managing health and safety in the workplace, as it enables its employees to contribute to the making of decisions affecting their health and safety at work. Worker’s involvement at all levels is imperative for ensuring the safety at workplace. 

naveze will, so far as is reasonably practicable, consult with its workers who are, or are likely to be, directly affected by matters relating to WHS, including: 

  • when identifying hazards and assessing risks to health and safety arising from the work carried out or to be carried out; 
  • when making decisions about ways to eliminate or minimise those risks; 
    • when making decisions about the adequacy of facilities for the welfare of workers; 
  • when proposing changes that may affect the health or safety of workers; 
  • when making decisions about the procedures for: 
  • consulting with workers; or 
  • resolving work health or safety issues at the workplace; 
  • monitoring the health of workers; 
  • monitoring the conditions at any workplace under the management or control of naveze’s business; or 
  • providing information and training for workers. 


naveze will ensure: 

  • the sharing of relevant information about WHS matters with its workers; 
  • that the workers be given the opportunity to contribute, express their views or raise any issues or concerns in relation to any WHS; and 
  • that the workers’ views are valued and taken into account. 

Working from home

At its discretion, naveze may (a) permit some workers to work from home or remotely, and/or (b) direct you to work from home. If this applies to you, naveze may require you to: 

  • accept any training we offer in this regard, including guidance and safety tips about how to properly set up a safe remote work area; 
  • maintain contact with us about your remote work area so that any health and safety issues are resolved in the best way to optimise work healthy and safety; and 
  • conduct a regular self-assessment of your remote work area. This may involve you completing a checklist we will set, submitting relevant photos and providing your confirmations that your remote work area set-up is consistent with the training and guidance provided. 

In circumstances where naveze cannot control a remote working environment, the above represents the reasonably practicable measures that naveze will take to ensure your safety when working remotely. 

Alcohol and Drugs

naveze’s policy is to ensure that the workplace is free of alcohol and drugs and complies with laws governing controlled substances.  

Consuming alcohol at work, including during work events is prohibited unless advised by your manager. Staff may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during work hours or on naveze premises. 

Getting Help

To get help for interpretations, resolution of problems, and special situations please contact: Caroline Falkiner
CEO naveze
E: caroline@naveze
M:  0401 691 346

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Last Update: 01 July 2022