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The Old Scout and the New Scout

When we think of Scouts, we think traditional. The old compass, bush craft, camping, the extraordinaire of the outdoors. In changing times it’s important to keep up with technology and the evolution of navigation. For decades the articulate skillset of navigation has been valued and awarded to those achieving levels of detailed mapping and exploration- even beyond the Scouts program.

When I first became a cub in Scouts, I was handed my first compass – a simple object with endless possibilities. It was an exciting experience, being a part of a community with so much adventure and potentials. For me, the compass symbolised this (although I was young and naïve about how to actually use it). This was in 2008, when I even remember, Mum and Dad using paper fold out maps to get me to the correct camping site. A lot has developed since then, simplicity in navigation being one.

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Digital wayfinding enhances the experience of being a Scout, who have grown up in a digital world with technology. Picture this; a young Scout engaging with the outdoors through mapping but using a digital and visual tool… the modernization of mapping – Digital Wayfinding.

The opportunity of adventure and being an extraordinaire of the outdoors is still there with the endless accessibility that a compass gave us, but now through digital maps. Maps are fun and engaging, we can look at Pokémon Go and see this and through digital wayfinding it evolves with the changing times, from Old Scout to New Scout, while still enabling the value and experience of being outdoors. Digital Wayfinding increases the engagement with families and community groups being out and about at your destination and enhancing the experience.

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